Things To Do Around Fresno

Fresno is the 5th largest city in California, which is located in the United States of America. Lovely gardens, parks and a vibrant community are some of the gems that make this an exciting getaway destination for vacationers. Its proximity to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada mountains gives it a classic view over other cities. Historical neighborhoods, storybook houses, beautiful old architecture and underground gardens will also make your stay unique and memorable.

There are so many exciting things to do in Fresno, you won’t be able to decide which places to visit first.  A few of the must-see places are listed below.

Take a walk-through Historic Downtown to see the beautiful city and historic architecture.  You won’t want to miss significant landmarks such as the Pacific building, ITS Water Tower and the San Joaquin Light and Power Building. Unfortunately, some of the gorgeous buildings and other structures that were there in the past could not withstand the test of time and the elements and some were destroyed by fires. Nevertheless, it will be fun and educational to take a walking tour through beautiful Downtown Fresno.

Another must-see is the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. It houses approximately 190 different species of animals and an interesting variety of plants. The zoo has an African Adventure where you can see Giraffes, Lions, African Elephants, White Rhinos and Cheetahs. If you’re more interested in sea life, you can visit Sea Lion Cove or Stingray Bay.  The zoo provides many more exhibits and activities that you will want to experience. You’ll be happy to know that the tickets to view all these sites are relatively affordable, with prices ranging from 6 to 10 dollars per person.

Another place you can visit in Fresno is the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Baldassare Forestiere began construction on the gardens began in 1906 and worked on the for 40 years. This setting offers a beautiful overview of ancient Roman Structures. Also, the gardens have a wide variety of trees, vines, and shrubs that are spectacular, some of which are over 90 years old. For one to access the inner and serene beauty of the Forestiere Underground Gardens, the cost is between 8 to 17 dollars. Once you get inside the gardens, you will be able to take an hour-long walking tour along routes that were created in the early 20th century. Farming of citrus fruits in the gardens has offered a great feeling of the Mediterranean right at the center of California.

In conclusion, Fresno is the place to visit in California. The serene beauty of the aforementioned places gives it a greater appeal over other cities as the perfect vacation destination. It is a place where you definitely can get your money’s worth whether your stay is a long one or just a short trip. During your stay in Fresno, you will create lasting memories of the many beautiful and exciting things that this city has to offer.  It is truly an unforgettable city!

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