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If you are facing a complex legal matter, you will want to be represented by a lawyer in Fresno who has earned a solid reputation for success. Whether your case can be settled through negotiation, arbitration or litigation, the Law Office of Michael J. Aed is the Fresno-based law firm to choose. We have established a trusted reputation for achieving substantial results in and out of court. Call us to find out how we can assist you in your case at 559-825-4600. Disclaimer: Our past results do not guarantee or predict the outcome of your particular matter. By consulting our firm, we can provide you with an honest, ethical opinion of how we can potentially help you.

Some Of Our Successful Case Results

Our firm has handled many cases involving criminal defense, DUI defense, and personal injury law. No matter what you are currently facing, we are here to help you. Take a moment to read about some of our successful case results, such as:

People v. Porras

Client charged with Carjack and Robbery

Not guilty verdict

People v. Howlin

Client charged with Murder


People v. Batten

Client charged with Murder


People v. Chesterman

Client charged with Domestic Violence/Disturbing the Peace

Not guilty and hung jury 10-2 for not guilty

People v. Lindsay

Client charged with Dogfighting

Not guilty verdict

People v. Guzman

Client charged with Residential burglary

Not guilty verdict

People v. Grider

Client charged with Attempted murder

Not guilty verdict

People v. Grayes

Client charged with Murder

Not guilty verdict

People v. Moreno

Client charged with Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated

Not guilty verdict

People v. Gonzales – Fresno Superior Court

Client charged with Felony Domestic Violence, Penal Code Section 273.5.

After the Preliminary Hearing, the case was set for trial. Prior to trial, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the case if client obeyed all laws for six months and completed a 12-hour parenting class.

Case Dismissed

People v. Larion

Client charged with an assault at a movie theater. Charge reduced to an infraction disturbing the peace. No probation, no jail, no community service.

Charge Reduced

People v. Williams

Client charged with possession of narcotics. The client also had a prior case involving possession of narcotics. Charge reduced to a misdemeanor. No jail.

Charge Reduced

People v. Sanchez – Fresno Superior Court

Client charged with DUI. -0.10 % BAC

Client stopped for weaving within their lane at 1:40 a.m.

Motion to suppress challenging probable cause for the traffic stop was granted.

Case Dismissed

People v. Alvey – Fresno Superior

Client charged with Felony possession of controlled substance.

Client was contacted by police for trespassing in an abandoned house. Police observed client drop narcotics onto the ground and drug pipe was found in his purse.

Case was reduced to a misdemeanor and client was referred to deferred entry of judgment.

Charge Reduced

People v. Gastelum – Fresno Superior Court

Client charged with Residential burglary, presumptively ineligible for probation. At sentencing, judge found unusual circumstances and granted probation with 90 days community service. No actual jail time.

Probation with Community Service

People v. Duwe

Client charged with maintaining place for selling or using controlled substance, a felony. Client was represented by Public Defender for a year. Once our office was retained, we were able to resolve the case as a misdemeanor after two court appearances. Sentenced to misdemeanor probation. No fine and no custody time.

Misdemeanor Probation


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