Top 5 common Mistakes people make when hiring a lawyer

In our lifetime, there is a time or event in our life when we need to be represented by a lawyer. We need to make sure that if we intend to hire a Fresno attorney, he is good and reliable. How do you do that? We recommend ‘window shopping’ for a lawyer now and avoid these mistakes people make when hiring a lawyer. Be sure to use these tips when looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Fresno CA

Relies on referrals only

When buying a house or investing in any kind of stocks, we always make sure that we research and investigate before handing our money to real estate agents or brokers. We should use the same approach when hiring Fresno criminal lawyers or any kind of lawyer.
In case a friend or family member gives you a name of a lawyer to contact, do not be afraid to ask them questions about him. Once you have exhausted all the questions, do a bit of research about this lawyer. We have the internet to search for his credentials and recognition. Once you are satisfied, arrange a face-to-face meeting with him and ask him more questions. How he answers your questions will demonstrate his knowledge of the case you’d like him to work on and whether he is the right fit or not.

Gets easily intimidated 

We hire lawyers to help us with a case or to give us advice on the legal proceedings of our business dealings. The lawyer we intend to hire should not intimidate us. Boundaries should immediately be set. Meaning, we pay their services in order for them to give us their undivided attention. We should not allow them to use a condescending tone on us. If for some reason the lawyer you are talking to now does this to you, do not engage further and look for another lawyer who will treat you better.

Lack of communication channels

It is best to have communication channels open but it does not necessarily mean you will be in contact with one another like friends. Since we are paying for their services, we want to make sure that we choose an attorney who can make time for you when you need it. Of course, we should not abuse the “open communication” mode that some lawyers give their clients.
Communication channels should be established and identified especially if there are certain issues or legal proceedings that you need to discuss further with him.

Not disclosing your budget

We all want the best and brightest lawyer to handle our case, which is, in fact, available in all legal offices in Fresno. Unfortunately, hiring the best and the brightest is also expensive. Before sealing the deal, you need to make it clear of what’s in your budget and if he is still willing to represent you.
It is best to put this out on the table now, rather than be caught in the middle where you need to change counsel because you can no longer afford him.  

Lying to your lawyer


For Fresno criminal lawyers to fully represent us in court, we need to let them know everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. Answer their questions. Lawyers do this because they need to get all the facts straight. This will give them the chance to understand and prepare a better strategy for the court to favor you on the case.

Now that you know the top 5 mistakes, make sure to avoid these so that you will not incur any hiccups or issues when you need to hire a Fresno attorney. Good luck and we hope you find the right one for you.




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