Law Office of Michael J. Aed Secures Huge Victory in DUI Case

Drinking and driving

As one of Fresno’s leading criminal defense and DUI attornies, Michael Aed has seen his fare share of cases. And while the desired outcome is always sought after, it is not always achieved; unfortunately it is not uncommon in many of these types of cases with the DMV, that they side with the prosecution.

Using proven tactics and strategies when fighting a DUI charge, the Law Office of Michael J. Aed secured a huge victory for one of their clients this week. Like so many similar cases, a “Be On the Lookout,” or BOLO, was issued for a specific make and model of a black sedan.

Through the course of this case, the officers involved in the case indicated the sedan they followed and subsequently pulled over was, in fact, not the make or model mentioned in the BOLO. Proving to be a significant break in the case.

The defense was able to prove that the arresting officers did not have reasonable cause and because reasonable cause could not be established in this case, it was determined that the defendant was unlawfully arrested, and the resulting investigation and findings, we not legal. Ultimately, all driving privileges were restored to the defendant.

Accomplishing these sorts of outcomes and achieving victories like this is exactly what Fresno can expect from the Law Office of Michael J. Aed. The team of lawyers consistently provide high-quality legal counsel when fighting for your case.

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