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In any Fresno, CA, theft crime case, you want to seek out and retain a skilled theft crime defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about the criminal justice system and experienced in the courtroom. Our attorney will immediately review the charges and the case against you, and advise you on the strategies available to defend against the theft crime charges you are facing. Individuals charged with crimes are often unaware of all the available options. We will make sure you know your options and walk you through the legal process with care and confidence.

To safeguard your rights and protect against being unfairly and harshly treated by the system, call the Law Office of Michael J. Aed as soon after your arrest as possible at 559-495-9320 to discuss your case.

Uniquely Qualified And Passionate In Defending Our Clients

Attorney Michael Aed is a skilled defense attorney who moved up quickly from his legal role as a public defender to handling felonies and working for the Major Crimes Team in Fresno. We can help you with any type of theft crimes case.

Types Of Misdemeanor And Felony Theft Crime Charges

Charges in California can include many types of misdemeanor and felony theft crime charges, such as:
  • Petty theft, including shoplifting
  • Grand theft (theft of items or services valued at more than $400.00)
  • Grand theft auto
  • Carjacking
  • Robbery
  • Armed robbery
  • Burglary

Criminal Charges Carry Serious Consequences

Criminal charges of any type carry the potential for very serious consequences. Alternative sentencing or probation may be successfully negotiated for some lesser charges while jail or prison time may result from a conviction of a more serious theft crime charge. Law enforcement and prosecutors in Fresno County and the surrounding counties are dedicated to obtaining convictions against those charged with any and all crimes, from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. Given the potential seriousness of theft crime charges, ensure that your rights are protected by contacting an experienced defense attorney immediately.

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Contact the Law Office of Michael J. Aed if you have been arrested and charged with a theft crime in the Fresno area. We are available to respond to calls and messages 24/7. Call us at 559-495-9320 or send us an email.

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